Easy Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches

Published: 26th October 2010
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Wedding is a great occasion in oneís life. Along with parents, relatives and well-wishers the occasion should also include wedding speeches and it brings a real charm when the speech is from the brideís father. Father plays a very pivotal role in a daughterís life as a father, a friend, a guide, a teacher, and more. A father would be on cloud nine on his daughterís wedding day. Hence, he must prepare a wedding speech for his daughter and son-in-law to be.

Before starting the speech the father must welcome everyone present and must thank them for their presence. The next thing is to welcome the groomís family. Then comes the compliment for his daughter, the way she has grown up and how beautiful she looks on her wedding day. His speech must include the incidents happened in his life after the birth of his daughter.

The father of bride wedding speeches ought to include the daughterís finest, and funniest moments as well. The things they did together with each otherís mutual concern. It should also include the daughterís achievements over the years. In addition, a few of her good traits in order to impress the groomís family. The speech can also include important information about the groom and his family. This helps the guests to know more about the groomís family as well. The speech should at least bring few drops of tears to the brideís eyes, albeit for a short while. The bride should remember her fatherís speech throughout her life. The father can also add few quotes from the relatives or from the brideís friends. It would be still more thrilling if the speech included a few lines by the groom and his family members. The entire speech should have some surprising elements to entertain the guests. And most importantly the speech should not be boring.

Father of bride wedding speeches should not be self praising; it should compliment both the bride and the groom. For this the father must prepare the speech before and must also practice to deliver it. Since father is the head of the family and he has to arrange lots of things he must also be well prepared with the speech. The marriage is a happy occasion and the father must have a smile on his face throughout the speech. It is obvious to be nervous but he must not show it to the guests. Hence everything must be preplanned and well prepared. He must be confident in delivering the speech. So it would be good to have some fresh juice before the speech. This makes his voice gentle and smooth. He must be fluent and must be appealing to the audience and hence should have a good eye contact with the audience.

Towards the end the father can give some piece of advice to the couple about the marriage and life after marriage, and how to tackle problems in the years to come . His speech must end on a good note by wishing the bride and the groom a happy and long lasting marriage. Father of bride wedding speeches is traditionally one of the best speeches and most revered of the evening. With a bit of preparation, making a flawless speech is easily achievable on the memorable day in a parentís life.

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