Great Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches

Published: 05th November 2010
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What are the most difficult words that a man has to say about a woman? No, I do not mean being candid about your girlfriend’s plain looks! This requires suicidal tendencies. I am talking about something human. Well, here’s the answer: It is father of the bride wedding speeches at his daughter’s wedding. It is far from easy delivering a speech in a composed and contained manner, when you give away a piece of your heart. You are happy and sad, emotional and elated, concerned and celebrating! A paradox of the sorts!

This is a moment when you want to open your heart up to your daughter and tell her that you are always there. You want the world to know that your daughter is the best thing in the world. You want to express your happiness at your daughter’s happiness. And all this while there is a frail father weeping his emotions out sitting silently in the depths of your heart throbbing with fatherly love.

So how do you do it? Every father does it but still the question remains. Do a bit of research and you will find the ingredients for a good speech: welcome the guests, pamper your daughter, praise your new son, some humour and emotion, some wisdom and advice and a toast to the new couple. What is important is how you mix them up into a perfect speech recipe. How about cracking the code with some humour! A bride’s father is expected to be more emotional. But starting on a humorous note will help you retain composure and would also add an extra colour to your daughter’s brightest day. Here are a few opening lines that would take the ‘heaviness’ off your heaving bosom.

- My dear new son and my dearer old daughter, I’m quite positive that this relationship will last long… I trust my daughter’s ability to make things work! But in case my new son makes it impossible, you know where to come.

- I have been told that I am expected to be sentimental today…but I just can’t keep my jealousy away! A new man is my darling angel’s hero now and lo he deserves it as well!

- I want to introduce myself. I just gave my daughter away and I’m a little emotional too. This proves that I’m the bride’s father. Hope you don’t ask for the tears to roll down my cheeks!

- I enquired and found out that there are going to be some four speeches today. I’m already standing and speaking. I request the other speakers to stand as well: the groom, the best man and the maid of honour. Now we shall all raise a collaborative toast… economy is down and cost cutting is the order of the day!

- Dear son in law, welcome to the family. I am truly happy…we shall have an extra set of hands now when we repair our house this summer!

- I’m feeling so relaxed. My new son comes from a cultured family that respects traditional values… and it is their family tradition to culture sons with values that enable them to accept the supremacy of their wives!

Try this out and your daughter shall always remember a happy and smiling face whenever she thinks of you. Can there be a greater gift to his daughter from a father… ?

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