The Significance of Tribal Koi Fish Tattoos

Published: 01st September 2010
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While the spectacular colors and beauty of koi fish leave hobbyists mesmerized, many pay tribute to this great species with tribal koi fish tattoos. People interested in symbolism and mythology have a variety of colorful tattoos from which to chose. For many, a tribal koi fish tattoo depicts luck. For others, the sturdy nature of koi symbolizes endurance. Tattoos with koi swimming in a downward direction indicate struggle and hardship, while those swimming in a upward direction is interpreted as perseverance in adversity.

If you have decided to get a tribal koi fish tattoo, then the next step is to pick your design. Plenty of designs are available online, so you can have a variety at your fingertips. However, it is advisable to invest some time and effort and look for an original design. You will most probably be wearing it for the rest of your life so you need to choose a unique tribal koi fish tattoo and a quality tattoo parlor as well. There are paid sites that give you access to some of the most unusual artwork and designs.

Before you head out to get your arm, chest, or leg inked, there are a few things you need to consider. To begin with, there is a big difference between a good tattoo and an amazing tribal koi fish tattoo. Plenty of designs have come to life, koi fish tattoos being the hottest themes in Japanese tattoos today. While women were the first to get tribal koi fish tattoos, men arenít far behind today. These tattoos are delicately designed, and have a deep meaning as well. Their popularity lies mainly in the designs and colors available.

Most men opt for tribal koi fish tattoos on their shoulders, back, calves, or upper thighs. Some koi tattoos are large enough to cover the entire back. Whatís great is that they can also cover up as a full sleeve design around the arm or leg.

Women are more adventurous when it comes to tribal koi fish tattoos and even have it on the side of their stomach. A bright colored koi with splashes of blue water in the background make an artistic tattoo. Traditional Japanese designs also include maple leaves or lotus flowers in a koi tattoo design.

Tribal koi fish tattoo designs can be small or large depending on the design. Although koi are colorful fish, you can have a black koi tattoo to stand out from the crowd. These tattoos were originally from China but are now associated with Japan. For the most part, koi fish stand for strength, courage, and bravery, so you are definitely making a bold statement with you get yourself a tribal koi fish tattoo design.

Koi fish are a symbol of passionate love for the opposite sex. Also, in Buddhism, koi represents courage, which is why they are popular tattoo designs today. There are plenty of half sleeve and full back designs available. The most appropriate colors for a koi tattoo are white, red, yellow, black, blue, or cream. You can look for many variations according to your skin tone. Koi are also depicted as the Yin and Yang symbols, which together mean balance and harmony. Along with the koi, this does make a strong statement, so go right ahead and choose a tribal koi fish tattoo design today.

Nelson writes more about koi fish here: He has raised, studied, bred and cared for hundreds of varieties of Koi. His twenty plus years of practical experience and research are available in his latest book, Insider's Secrets To Raising Healthy Koi.

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