Wedding Maid of Honor Speeches Should Be Tangy

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Published: 10th November 2010
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In wedding maid of honor speeches, your duty is to lift up your friend’s (bride’s) already flying spirit to a higher cloud! Usually the bride gets two people to speak form her side on her wedding day: her father and her best friend/sister. The father of the bride will definitely say the sweetest words to and for his daughter but it is difficult for him, being a father, to bring in the naughtiness and humor through his words. It is for the maid of honor to add a hint of tangy twist to the ‘sweet celebrations’.

Maid of honor not only glorifies the bride and makes good wishes for her, but she also tells her that even after marriage their relationship (as sisters or friends) shall remain unaltered. The maid of honor is the only woman (besides the bride) who gives a speech. And thus being a ‘woman-to-woman’ thing, her words hold more value for the bride.

If your friend has chosen you to be the maid of honor, take this opportunity to prove that your relationship (with the bride) is indeed made of honor – say how you honor her personality, character, qualities, values and everything (even the groom) that goes into making her the person she is. This might sound clichéd but it is bound to make your friend feel lucky to have a friend like you. And you can always do it in your own special way to make it different from ‘routine’.

Here are a few ideas that would make your speech out stand the celebrations.

* Collect some pictures of the bride depicting different stages of her life and your friendship. Use these when you talk about the bride’s nature and personality. These photographs would make the memories vivid and instant when you recall some memorable and funny moments from the past.

* Bring in some articles (an old toy she was fussy about, a piece of jewellery she hand made, etc.) that are close to her heart and use them to narrate incidents associated with them. You will sure get the nostalgia in at the right time.

* Instead of delivering a speech in the usual manner, render it like a song. This will require some extra efforts but will work wonders if you get it right. All you need to do is stream line your thoughts. Devote no more than 2 lines to an idea. Write these lines down. Now try to make the last words rhyme:

With such a sensible daughter, the parents never had to bother

Your friendship I value, I love you for you are you

Finding a girl so pretty, the groom had to go nutty

This would surely make your speech receive more attention. Take help from some friends. You can use a popular song to parody your music on. This would make your song catchy.

* If you can play a musical instrument, play the bride’s favourite track. When you do this, play a slide show having pictures: of the bride and her family, of her favourite articles, of placards with your thoughts and wishes for the bride and all that you want to say. This way you will be able to give a musical expression to your feelings without saying a single word. If you can’t arrange for a slide show, take help from a friend who would show pictures and placards as you play the music.

These are just a few ideas, think about your friend from your heart and you will have so much to do and say that one speech won’t seem enough. Get going, get thinking… and when you get expressing, the audience would get expecting… ?

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